Posted 2017-07-28 at 11:27 by Stefan Röttgen

7Eleven – Things you have to Know about – also: How to pay Bills

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New Visitors to Thailand do not know about the 7eleven culture. :-)
And honestly:
Nowhere else in the world is there a serious alternative.
Even people in other countries are misty.

What is a cult? Why can Thai woman not survive in other Countrys without 7eleven?
(Kohlrabi is yes substitute for the 2nd most important: Papaya salad :-)) but 7eleven?

And why is trhe feeling about missing 7eleven after the holiday so big ?

Very easily:
7 days / 24 hours open, everything is important at a small price.
And by that I mean not only the condoms, tilts or lubricants.

Diapers, first aid kit, Internet Sims', disposable handys, sweets and the best:

Great food !!
Yes, whether Thai food, burgers, noodles or crispy hot sandwiches.

Yeah, right. They'll make your food warm.
There are some cutlery.

How many times have have been allready at 3am or 4am sitting in the morning before a 7eleven on the stairs and eaten!!
Depending on the program sandwich and coffee or thaifood / burger and one or two Chang beer 😀😀😀

And without shit, the food from the 7eleven tastes better than in so many restaurants.

Staff is always super friendly and 7eleven is everywhere.

I love it. ❤️

And: If you rent a house and you have to pay electric bill, Internet or you order online (example Lazada) - you can pay the Bills in every 7eleven.

Webpage: 7eleven

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