Posted 2017-06-30 at 03:50 by Stefan Röttgen

ARK Bar Chaweng, Party at the beach

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For those who like action and meeting people is the ark bar the best place on Samui.

Located at the Chaweng beach.

Also Ark Bar is a hotel and not to much expensive, but be warned:

The music starts daytime 3PM – and to the night its getting louder and louder.

Thereforce you will have “free Music” most of the time in your room, even you are more far away from the beach.

The food and drinks at the Arkbar are very good and the prices are very good (not to expensive)

The Food is also recommend.

If you are not looking for a relax or romantic vacation, this is a place worth to visit.

Wednesdays and Fridays there is “buy a drink and free Buffet” at 4 pm.

But they not refill it. So it is easy fast gone 😉

Also at Weekends Friday and other days there is Party at the beach (Nighttime)

And daytime at the pool.

Every night spectacular amazing fireworks show.


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