Posted 2017-07-01 at 14:37 by Stefan Röttgen

Cinema – on rainy or hot Days Chaweng Center

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The Cinema in the Chaweng Festival Garden Shopping Center  has 3 Cinemas inside.

Its a modern Cinema, allways with a very good Aircondition.

The bigest – Cinema Number One has Honeymoon Seats, where you have pillows and get a blanket (and you need it, cause it is cold ;-))

Some Movies are in Thai Language but the most are in Englisch (OV) with Thai Subtitel.

Normal Seat starts from 150 Bath, also you can buy popcorn and Softdrinks.

For rainy days, or if it is to hot Outside 😉

What“s played you can see at the Webpage or App from: ” Major Movie Plus” (Ios and Android)

There a 2 cinemas on Samui, both in Chaweng Area. This one and another one in the Tesco Lotus Shopping Complex.



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