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Samui Hospital (Goverment) Nathon and informations about baby born on the iland

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  1. There are different hospitals on the iland samui.

The Thai international Hospital, the Bangkok Hospital and the Samui Hospital.

Only the bangkog Hospital is a privat hospital with full english speaking service and quality. Bit therefore minimum double expensive than the other hospitals.

If you have a insurance, who cover your costs – you can stop reading.

Go to the bangkok hospital.

If not – there are differerent ways. My privat Experience:

In the begining i have been in the bangkok hospital. We visited every month to check about the baby (my girlfriend have been pregnant).

The costs have been everytime more than 4000 bath up to 8000 bath for a visit. The ultrasonic device have been against germany ultrasonic (where we have been before) very bad quality.

The nurse talked only to me in english, explained me – only a little bit to my wife(thai). They have a born package wich you can see at the webpage here: Prices bangkok hospital.

As you can see, it starts from 75000 bath.

As my thai girlfriend has no privat insurance (like the most) – i had to pay this. Also we have been not satisfied with the service. Also i read a lot about the bangkok hospital, as they try to earn more money and the service is not at all the best. Even if problems with baby happen they have to call doctor from the Samui hospital, cause there are the specialists and devices needed.

Pls, this only for baby born. Other devices are on samui only in the bangkok hospital, as i have read and also for some sick the bangkok is the best one at the iland.

The comfort for no Thai is bangkok hospital the best. And nobody think about , that something gonna happen. But it is also a question about the money.

So here it is, the question about the money. As you read , the bangkok hospital starts from 75000 Bath and try to charge more. Sure, it is more cheap than in europe… but !

First you have to know : If you have a thai girlfriend who want to deliver a baby on samui. Get sure, she made here stay offical at the goverment (living in Thailand on Koh Samui).

Therefore she has to pay in every goverment hospital only 30 bath (yes 30 bath !!) and everything is for free for Thaipeople. Instead of special service.

I went to the famous Docotor Rapheephan. She has a Clinic directly in front of the Samui hospital, wich is located in Nathon.

For the checkup every month it costs maximum 1000 bath and the ultrasonic has been much better. For VIP Service i paid 6000 bath. This means she keep care you in hospital and also the nurses are more nice (it is worth it !!)

Than you have to know: The Samui Hospital (in Nathon) has just finished new rooms. This rooms cost from 2500 to 3500 bath + 400 Bath for food a night – directly on the beach.

The other rooms are to bad and not for people outside Thailand comfortable.

Well, after take the VIP Room and pay the VIP Service to the doctor Rapheephan (wo deliver the baby also)  it have been very comfortable.

But: The staff in the hospital speak very bad or no english. Therefore for only english speaking it is hard to find good help and i can not recommend.

We had to cut – The delivery of the baby costs with cut are 14000 Bath (30 bath if a Thai who stay on samui).  Natural born about 1/2 price.

6000 Bath i paid for VIP Doctor service (it is worth it !)

And for 3 night in the VIP room together arround 10000 bath.

All together: 30.000 Bath – for cut . Not included the visit before baby born – but this is nowhere included.

(bangkok hospital all together above 120000 bath)

They show how to keep care baby:


I would do it there everytime again if i had to pay for (without insurance) – The experiance have been great, the room at the beach is new and very nice and the staff very friendly.



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