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Stunning 5 Bedroom Pool Villa

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For those who are looking for the perfect villa in Koh Samui for a family vacation, you may want to check out this Villa in Chaweng. This is a beachfront property that has features 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. The interiors of this villa are stylish to boot. Refreshing white ceilings are high enough to allow plenty of light and cooling breezes to come inside. The sliding glass walls complement the open structure and allow the outdoor scenery to be enjoyed no matter what time of the day.

Among the best features of the villa is the 23 meter infinity pool which is strategically placed at the heart of the property. All the bedrooms have direct access to the deck which eventually leads to the cooling pool water. Nearby is an attention grabbing sunken lounge that features the most comfortable chairs and specially selected coffee table. The pool has an area for the children, so the little ones can have fun too. Special areas near the pool are meant for meditation, spa treatments, and relaxing quiet moments. The villa has its own gym, which has all the latest exercise machines so you can still workout while away from home. As a top villa in Koh Samui this villa is loaded with features. Aside from its beachfront location, it also has a well maintained lawn and an al fresco dining area for the best meal experience.

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