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Traveling Inside Thailand (Flights, Bus, Boat & Train)

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How to Travel inside of Thailand.

There are different ways .

You can go by Bus, Train, Boat, Plane or walk 😉


Well, if you want to come to Samui or go somewhere else in Thailand by the usual way (no flight):

The easiest way is to Visit the Webpage:

There you can choose where you want to start from and where you want to go.

No travel agency nessasary.

Sure you can book your Boat, Bus or what every yourself directly.

Like Ticket for Train at the train Station. But this is the easiest way and not more expensive.

If you want to spend not time on the land way. Take a flight.


bangkok Airways, airasia, Lionair and Thaiairways.


The cheapest one is airasia, it is a little bit similar to raynair in Europe.

They have a own airport in Bangkok, the Don Mueang Airport.

From the international Suvarnabhumi Airport you need about 1.5 hours (depens on the traffic) to switch beetween the airports by taxi (arround 800 bath).

From center (sukhumvit) – it is about 500 bath,

The easiest and fastes way is to fly directly to Koh Samui from Suvarnabhumi Airport by bangkok or Thaiairways.

The cheaper is fly from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport to Surat Thani Airport (arround 25 Euro) and take from there the Fairy to Koh Samui (Bus 1,5 hrs + Speedboat 1 hr = about 3 hours with waiting and costs arround  10 Euro)

The Webpage for booking:  airasia

You can also book Thaiairways (its a little bit expensive . but more service (if needed for 55 min. flight to Koh Samui) or bangkok airways.

Be warned – bangkok airways is good, but at the and of booking there coming tax and fees and than it is anymore the cheapest !

The Webpage for booking: bangkok airways

If you book directly at the airline  it is most cheaper and even you have to change something at the flight you can contact them.

With travelagents most time your money is gone, if you want to change.



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