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Steak and restaurant

Great food Good service Good price

59 BATH Start from 69 BATH

Bangrak Beach Club

Phone+66 77 425 330 E-mail Addressหมู่ 4, 23/2 ตำบล บ่อผุด, Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Sura...



Link…resses/karmasutra   Email Phone +66 80 073 4174   Address Fisherman’s village Bop...


Coffee In Love

The coffee shop opens from 8am – 4pm daily serving fresh brewed coffee, fruitshakes, thai tea infront of Phetch Buncha Station and Tesco Lotus Expre...

Call For Info

Lamai Night Market

Lamai Night Market   Other good place for dinner. There have many shop many choices for you to choose have a lot of ideas for your dish. Can order for ta...

20 baht up.

POCK BBQ – คอหมูย่าง

PORK BBQ Here is a Motorbike pork BBQ at Lamai. Are you looking for something tasty, easy, clean go to Lamai market. This motorbike food he will be at Lam...

50 baht start

Raan MoomDerm – ร้านมุมเดิม

MoomDerm – มุมเดิม MoomDerm is a small shop on the road by teenagers owners (NidNoi) you can have a sit on the floor there and enjoy w...

5 baht up


FRIED  INSECTS – แมลงทอด Let’s have try the difference food. Today have recommend for fried insects Fried cricket Fried pupu Fr...

20 baht up.

Papaya Salads – ส้มตำป้าพิณ

PA Pin E-saan Food Thai Esaan style motorbike food here they have many menu for you. Papaya salad Laab E-saan(pork) Nam Toak(pork) Mushrooms spicy soup To...

Start at 10 baht

Fried Balls – ลูกชิ้นปิ้ง

Roast Meat Balls This Motorbike roasted meat balls sellers begin at Lamai market then continue to around Lamai beach road. Can you have any meat? Here the...

10/15/20 each

Salad & Spicy Mr. Roj Motorbike.

Raan Yum Loong Roj Is a Motorbike food they have two shop of motorbike 1Man&1Woman (Loong & Pa). Kind of food about this shop is “yum yum yu...

50-100 baht.

Roasted CORN – ข้าวโพดย่าง

Roasted CORN DID YOU HAVE TRY a roasted corn before? if not so easy to find them. The motorbike food seller they will be around Chaweng Beach road. For th...

25 baht each

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