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Island Organics Cooking class

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Compared with hotel / resort cooking classes our authentic Thai cookery classes are 4+ hours in length and include our now famed organic micro farm adventure ! All 4 recipe ingredients prepared, cooked and eaten by you !

According to Bangkok Air Fah Thai Magazine & Getaway Australian TV plus countless Tripadvisor reviews Island Organics Thai Cooking Class is the most authentic Thai cookery experience on Samui!  Come join us soon…

Purpose built cooking stations ensure you get the complete Thai culinary experience as you will be prepping & cooking 4 Thai recipes yourself.  Are you ready to learn 100% Authentic Thai ?

Our classes combine a traditional Thai cookery class with an introduction to modern day organic gardening & micro farm possibilities.  We call it “The good Life”. 


Island Organics opened in 2012 / cooking classes began January 2015

Why Organic: It’s simply the way we are meant to grow and eat food.  Like our grandparents used too…  Sustainable and chemical free and we will teach you this in every class !

The Garden: From day one Island Organics has retained it’s completely organic origins. We first raised African night-crawler worms which enabled us to brew microbe rich worm tea as well as add worm castings (worm poo) to our raised garden beds on a regular basis.

Island Organics also farm Tilapia fish which give us their nutrient rich waste (fish poo) that is channelled to our plant’s roots – this is aquaponics.  Think of chicken poop in your garden… We’re doing the same but only with worms and fish waste – it’s all 100% natural and how things used to be done and dates back some 5,000 years…







089 646 8580


24/1 Moo 4 Chaweng, Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand




10:30am to 3pm

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